Juan Duarte, padre de Eva Duarte, también conocida como Evita.

EVITA (The Documentary) SCRIPT - Act I

It was here, at La Unión, two hundred miles west of Buenos Aires, that Juan DUARTE spent six months of every year away from home.

During these long months, Duarte grew close to one of his employees: Juana Ibarguren. Although never legally married, Juana bore Duarte five children. The youngest was born on May 7, 1919, with the help of midwife Juana Guaiquil, a Native American from the Mapuche Nation, former owners of these lands before the arrival of the white settlers from Buenos Aires....

The Documentary

Evita is a documentary on the life of Eva Duarte created by Eduardo Montes-Bradley. Conformed in its entirety with previously unseen historical footage and documents, the film reconstructs the life of former Argentine first lady from an unbiased perspective.

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