We take very seriously the respect of the privacy of our visitors, participants and readers.- That is why it seems important that you know with the greatest clarity the way in which any information about our users related to the navigation and use of our website is obtained, stored or processed. We understand that by using our site, you agree to this policy. -.


We only use non-persistent cookies, small signals that are sent to your browser and that are stored by it only during a browsing session on our pages and that are finally destroyed when you close the browser window.

The content management system of idoneos.com does not use persistent cookies capable of permanently storing identifying information on your PC nor does it make use of the so-called web beacons. - However, as we participate in partnerships with other third-party websites to display advertising, and browsing statistics, it is possible and is usual that such third party sites do use some of these resources, for this reason we include links below to the privacy policies of each of them. -

Third parties

Traffic measurement and monitoring

We measure the web traffic of our site primarily with Google Analitycs, Google Analytics allows to implement extended advertising features.

We implement or plan to implement in the future all advertising features that Google makes available to us, including:

All these advertising functions are intended to install anonymous signals (cookies) and identifiers and collect data to improve the orientation of advertising ads presented to each person according to their interests, their browsing history on the web, pages visited, demographic data such as age, sex, topics of interest, etc.

It is to be hoped that all these mechanisms will be in the benefit and interest of site visitors as well as advertisers, but if a person prefers not to participate, so that their interests and navigation are not measured through these mechanisms, they are offered a number of options to disable them, including the Google ad settings or the “GaOptOut” tool offered by Google , which serves to completely prevent the collection of data by Google Analytics.

To learn more about how Google or its partners use this information, visit Google Privacy Policy ,

Advertising ads

You.com presents advertising notices associated with the Display Network of Google Adwords, according to the general privacy policy of Google . See also: How Google uses data when using partner apps or sites.

We can also present on some pages advertising notices of Amazon.com , Amazon.com.caAmazon.co.uk, Amazon.com.br,

Remarketing Tags

The pages on You.com may contain remarketing tags related to Google AdWords advertising accounts of our own or third parties but managed by us. These tags make lists of visitors in order to target future advertising notices to people for whom we assume may be of interest because they have visited those pages in the past. We do not store personal data of any kind or have access to the content of those lists, which are maintained by Google, and we only use them for the automatic presentation of relevant advertisements by that company, which we understand to be appropriately in the interests of our visitors.

You can always disable this feature and the use of cookies, if you wish, using Google's ad settingstool

Changes to this policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We hope that such changes will always be minor, will not affect the spirit and will not reduce the commitment expressed here, as far as reasonably possible and as required or permitted by law. - Yeah.